I selected my Prezi as one of my dossier projects because I believe that it will be a valuable tool when I am introducing myself to my students and possibly even their parents. I believe that relationships are very important and in order to build those relationships you have to be honest with people. By sharing some of my personal story the students and their parents can understand me better and feel a deeper connection.

As I stated earlier I believe that laying down the foundation of a relationship is very important when it comes to educating a student. I think that this Prezi could be used in a variety of ways. Two options that I believe would be successful in my classroom is using this item during parent’s night, and during the first few days of school with my students. During parent’s night this would be a great way to break the ice with the parents, and show them about myself. This way the parents will feel more of a connection with me as their student’s teacher. During the school year I could share with the students my Prezi, this would help us make a deeper connection as teacher and students. This would also be a great introduction/example for the students to create their “me bag”. By sharing my Prezi with the students I give them create examples, but nothing that they will be able to bring. This way I don’t have students bringing exactly what I brought. I could also use this Prezi design with other content that I am teaching. An article titled “Tech Tools for Teachers, by Teachers” states that Prezi’s can “help students not only to stay engaged, but also to feel a personal connection to and genuine interest in the content they are learning” (Manning, Brooks, Crotteau, Deidrich, Moser, Zwiefelhofer, 2011).
Teaching philosophy
This Prezi supports my teaching philosophy in that in order to become the teacher that I want to become; I must establish a solid relationship with my students and their parents. A great way to establish any relationship is by sharing information about your life with that person. This Prezi will definitely accomplish this task, because it is all about me.
Low tech version
Finding a low tech version of the concept of a Prezi would be fairly simple. Two options that I have thought of is a “me bag” or a picture collage. These options would be very easy to create and could both share the same information. The only negative aspect of both of these creations is that they would not be as exciting or interesting to me personally.


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