I selected this Glogster as one of the items to highlight for my dossier project because I believe it is a great resource for my students as they complete their spelling words throughout the school year.  During my student teaching experience the students would participate in a variety of activities throughout the week while they practiced their spelling words.  My goal is to bring those activities to the students at them outside of the classroom.  The Glogster contains hot linked pictures that will bring the students to approved site to practice their spelling words. Exposing my students to this will spark the creativity that they have about creating virtual poster “Glogster, as a tool that supports all kind of formats, image, audio, video and allows hyperlinks in a very graphic way, is a tool that especially fosters creativity” (Ferrer, 2011, p.137).  This creativity will hopefully drive their desire to learn more about the site, and spark an interest into the world of technology.


I will use this in my classroom on a daily basis.  The first way that I will use this is by setting up a computer station in my classroom that the students can take advantage of.  During their guided reading centers, one of the centers will be the students practices their spelling words on using this Glogster and the hot linked sites.  This will also be used by the students outside the classroom when they are practicing their spelling words at home.


The incorporation of the Gloster into my blog, and ultimately into my classroom is truly based on my teaching philosophy.  I strongly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to be great.  During the primary grades I must lay the foundation for future success.  Laying that foundation is a critical aspect that depends on creating a lifelong learner.  One of the ways to create a lifelong learner is to get that child interested in their own learning.  By incorporating many fun and interesting activities that the students will have easy access to, I can ensure the learning process will take place.

Low tech situation

A low tech solution for this Glogster would be to create learning activities that the students can do with their spelling words.  Some examples that I have used in the past are: using cell phones to spell the words and record the numbers you had to push, using pipe cleaners to form the letters, using white boards for them to draw the words, and spelling the words with letter magnets.  To ensure that the learning can take place outside of the classroom as well, the students would be able to bring each one of these activities home in a preselected plastic bag.


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