I selected my Blog as one of my projects because is a tool that I can utilize within my district, and one that is useful for more than just myself.  This tool will help maintain communication between home and school, it will help students find helpful learning links, and help other educators and myself discover teaching resources.  In sort my blog is an attempt to satisfy my multi facet educational career.

Classroom/Professional Life

This blog benefits more than one dynamic of my educational career.  The main function of my blog will be as a communication hub for my parents.  I believe having a parent teacher relationship is vital in the education of the students.  Using my blog the parents can easily check the classroom calendar for important dates, check the spelling words for the week, and discover what the students have been doing in class.  Integrating these many Web 2.0 applications into my blog, I am able to maximize the teaching and learning opportunities between me and my students. (Churchill, 2011)

Supports your philosophy

I believe that the blog supports my philosophy in that in contributes to my continuation learning.  I believe one of the most essential skills that we can teach students is to become lifelong learners.  One of the best ways to teach someone how to do something is by giving them a concrete example.  One of the uses of this blog is to ensure that I am constantly growing as an educator.  This blog not only shares links, but also allows me to navigate to other educational blogs.  Through this constant exposure and reflection I will ensure that I continue to expand and grow in the education field.

Low tech situations

If the situation would arise that I would not be able to use this blog, the essentials framework could be duplicated.  I feel that this blog could be adapted in the form of a newsletter and/or bulletin board.  The whole idea of my blog is to share information with parents and students.  A newsletter and a well-constructed bulletin board can accomplish this same goal.  I would include the same items, but I would have to adapt it to a paper version.  To simulate links between sites I could attach strings to different sets of papers so that the student could visual follow the bulletin board version of my blog.


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