Teaching Math

Here are some math resources that I have found to be very useful.  There are also a few power point games included in this list!

This math problem from Scholastic is a great resource for students to use as an extension activity or as a problem solving example.
The Cafeteria Caper

Multiple online games for your students that deal with mathematical concepts.  Thanks to Apples4theteacher for once again helping us with so many useful materials.

Click Here

If your school will allow you to use Facebook there is a really cool application that can help students practice mathematical skills.

Math Lines

Pocketmod– This is a cool site that helps you create foldables for any subject.

This link takes you to the OPS standards for 2009-2010 pg. 229 is the start of the math standards.
OPS Content Standards

Math Motorway– This link takes you to a math racing game.  Students can play each other,(up to four players per game) or can play against the computer.  This game is for all grades, every operation, and different skill levels.  (Includes negative numbers)

Interactive Teaching -This site is a great site for interactive teaching activities for the students.  I posted this under math, but the site also has interactive activities for every subject.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Below in attachments the standards that I am meeting with the creation of the pocketmods for the students are listed.


Graph Paper






jeopardy-Fractions,Improper Fractions,Reducting Fractions, GCF and LCM, Random






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