“Cool Tools, Social Media, and Curriculum” by Joanne Troutner

26 Jun

“Cool Tools, Social Media, and Curriculum” by Joanne Troutner is an article describing many 21st century tools that teachers should experiment with in their classroom.  This article contains loads of these examples and where you can find them.  Talk about a real life application of information!

My Thoughts

This article is not a deep thought provoking article, however its application may be the most significant of recent articles I have read.  Joanne Troutner holds nothing back in this piece, from the get go she lets you know about the many tech tools that you can and should get your hands on!

The tech tools are organized into three sections: teacher tools, social media, and curriculum sites.  Each section is full of examples that can be applied to your classroom tomorrow.  One of the best aspects of this article is the fact that all of the links are housed in this article.  This makes it tremendously convenient for educators to access the new found resources.  The idea of self-embedding links into articles is something that I will have to utilize when I create content for my various audiences.

As I mentioned before this article was not one that was going to provoke controversy, but I did have many thoughts about this article as I was reading it.  I will share with you some of the items that I will be trying during my three day weekend.  The first bit of information that caught my eye was the over 1.300 apps that are reviewed by distinguished educators.  I really need to visit APPITIC and see what this is all about.  It feels like this could be buried treasure!  Another set of teaching resources that I will be checking out are the many Pinterest sites: Classroom images , Tony Vincent’s Math Apps, and Maggie Mulligan’s Social Studies.

I also was intrigued by the idea of using QR codes generators.  I have recently heard a lot about these, but I need to discover how to use them in a 1st grade classroom?  The item that fascinated me the most was YUMMYMATH.  This site is designed by two math educators who provide math problems with real life application.   Combining real world application with math problems is something that I truly believe is missing in a lot of our math classrooms.  I hope that I can utilize it in mine!  Along those same lines is the site 24/7.  This sounds like a great science resources that contains lessons and activities for students that would definitely create a sense of excitement for learning!

Food for Thought!

As you read my response to this article you may have noticed that I mentioned how I loved that the author placed hotlinks into the article, well take a look back at mine and see that I have done the same thing!  Always try something new, click on one of the links and discover something that could change your classroom!

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