“Teaching and Learning with iPads, Ready or Not?”

20 Jun

Summary of Article

The article “Teaching and Learning with iPads, Ready or Not?” by Orrin T. Murray and Nicole R. Olcese addresses the issue of iPads in the classroom and questions how and if iPads will transform the educational realm.  Based on the research they conducted the authors argue that the iPad within three months of release and the applications associated with it were nothing that would revolutionize the classroom.  The main reason for this belief is the lack of educational applications that are based on the 21st century skills of collaboration and creation.

My Thoughts

I was really surprised with the direction of this article.  As I initially glanced at the title I thought that the authors would be in total support of the use of iPads within the classroom.  When I discovered that the conclusion was that the iPad and the applications were lacking essential attributes to be affective I was completely shocked.  Could iPads lack the ability to be effective in our classrooms?

When I look at an iPad I see a tremendous amount of potential:  its ability to navigate through the interface with ease, interactions with applications, and the ability to read online content.  It seems like an amazing tool for the 21st century person.  This analysis has held true for me in the educational realm as well.  I have always felt that the potential was unlimited.

After reading this article I began to look at the iPad and the applications associated with a little more scrutiny.  The statement that the iPad and the applications do not allow for the students to create or collaborate got me thinking.  Is the iPad just another technology phase that will soon be forgotten?  It is hard for me to believe that this is the case.  However, if you take a look at your educational folder on the iPad you will probably see a lot of flashcard based games.

Overall I still believe that iPads have an amazing potential for student learning in our classroom.  Just because you can do something with an older method does not mean that the newer version is worthless.  Today’s students are raised in a world surrounded by stimulation, one of the benefits of teaching with iPads is that as educators we touch into that world that they are raised in and bring the knowledge we are trying to teach with us.

I wonder if since the release of this article more sophisticated iPad apps have been developed, and if there will be a push to have apps that let students create and collaborate at another level?  What are your thoughts on technology/iPads in the classroom?  Is it a fad that will fade away or is it here to stay?

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Posted by on June 20, 2012 in Educational Articles


One response to ““Teaching and Learning with iPads, Ready or Not?”

  1. cadretechclass

    June 21, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    As a teacher in a district that’s going 1:1 next year, I sure hope it’s not a passing fad. I think maybe this article was written a little too soon to tell, but time will!


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